Irish Dolls House – Grand Designs, Ireland, is a family run business from our shop in Araglin, North Cork. We specialise in 1:12th scale houses, with a wide range of choices to fit any style. We sometimes stock 1:24th scales homes and are able to order in. Please check the choices section for more details. Houses cater to ages 3 and up to sophisticated dolls houses for adults. We enjoy sharing some of our skills to help you make your home truly your own. Teaching you how to make soft furnishings, food from air drying clay and plants. We stock pre made items like people, detailed food, animals, product boxes, rugs, lamps, bicycles, prams, preset tables for all occasions, outdoor furniture and so much more! For decorating we have wallpaper, flooring and mouldings to aid in completing your own projects.

Although we are a family run business we are supported by friends who specialize in interior design, and house construction,we also stock bespoke items from local craftspeople  We will look forward to seeing you soon.


We have dolls houses that will fit any space you have and budget, we cater to adults and children. We typically stock 1:12th scale houses, however often we have a 1:24th scale house and are able to order them in if you wish. Please contact us ahead of time about the 1:24th scales houses, to avoid disappointment. We have a wide variety of houses available that can suit everyone’s tastes. An example of just a few styles are single room boxes, medieval castles, tudor homes, classic cottages, art deco houses, modern mansions or apartments, personalised shops and massive hotels. Every dollshouse can be customised to fit your own unique style. Lights, floors, windows, stairs and so much more can be customised. If you have any questions or ideas please contact Margaret at the bottom of this page.



Do you have a childhood or family dollshouse you would like restored? We can repair your damaged house and redecorate it to your specifications. If possible we can change layouts and fixtures as well, this includes adding electric lighting to your house. We have a wide range of lights from walls, ceiling and even crystal chandeliers. We will take on on any job, big or small. We will treat your house with the utmost care and always bare your wishes in mind.



We stock a wide range of items for your dolls house. If we do not have it in stock we can easily order items in for you. Please contact me if you have something in mind.




If you would like to contact Margaret please send an email in the form below or alternatively please contact via phone on: +3535850937