The Tin House

The swiss chalet is a childhood toy which the owner wanted to update and enjoy as an adult. Margaret redid the interior and exterior to the clients wishes. Electrical lights and fireplace were added to the build, which required the addition of a wooden cover for the strip. The house did not come with a back, by adding the back panel it meant the house could be displayed.

The Tin House

One family’s old dolls house needed extensive work. The roof was made of cardboard and not salvageable. One of our craftsmen, Sean Clancy, was able to replicate the roof out of wood to the original size. The roof had a distinctive colour which we were able to colour match exactly. We discussed scoring the roof to look like the original card but opted to for wooden tiles. Each tile is added individually, which adds to the charm of the place. The owner wished for the decals to be if possible left as their originals. We researched the house extensively and found the decals which allowed us to replace if any were unsalvageable. The family were very happy with the restoration.



1867 House

A loving restoration to a large house. The plaque reads 1867, which is where the name comes from. The house was restored after a consultation with the customer. She was able